Tuesday, July 18, 2017

6 Years

This weekend, Mike and I also celebrated 6 years of marriage. 6 years!

All weekend, it was fun to reminisce and think back on our wedding festivities. How this night we were at our rehearsal, how at this time 6 years ago we were getting ready to walk down the aisle, etc. It was such an amazing day, filled with family and friends, love and laughter. We are still overwhelmed by the gift the Lord provided to us in such a fun celebration.

We were able to sneak away for a fun anniversary dinner at Perry's Steakhouse & Grille, and it was SO nice to just sit and talk and enjoy a good meal together. We took some time to reflect over the past 6 years and all that the Lord has done for us.

The past 6 years have been filled with more of the same from our wedding day...family and friends, love and laughter. But they have also been filled with some hard and scary times. From McKinney to Plano, church planting to infertility, health issues to embryo adoption...it has been a FULL 6 years, for sure. Mike keeps me sane, focused on Jesus, and laughing through the crazy, and I just can't imagine walking through all that we have with anyone else. 

We went into marriage with healthy expectations, but we have both been surprised by the toll that parenthood can easily take on a marriage. Babies are all-consuming {in a good, appropriate and season-of-life way}, but we are realizing how much extra work it takes to work on our marriage when we're both wiped out from parenting twins. And we're only 8.5 months in!

We are loving this new season, and having babies has unlocked another aspect of our marriage that makes me love Mike that much more. And we both agree that we make a good parenting team. But we also recognize the importance of keeping each other a priority and our relationship healthy. So as we begin to come out of some of the fog of raising newborn twins, we are committing to taking steps to keeping our marriage healthy and focused on Jesus. We're still figuring out what that looks like, but I am thankful for my sweet husband who helps keep us on track :)

So while marriage has been full of romance, fun, and adventure, as of late it has also been full of dirty diapers, feeding babies, and falling into bed exhausted to fall asleep to The Office reruns. But I wouldn't trade any of it, and I love that we get to do it all together. I love our little family, and I love our life together.

We're looking forward to another 60 years! :)

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