Friday, June 30, 2017

{iPhone Rewind} :: June

When you have sick and fussy babies, you do what you have to do...we hung out in the bathroom with the hot shower running to help clear sinuses.

She wants everything I have haha {this is empty and tightly closed}

Crazy hair lady :)

I went to put Maddie in the nursery and came back to get Eli and found this...that's one way to play with the play mat!

Admiring ourselves in the mirror :)

Sasha had her yearly check up at the vet and was given a clean bill of health! Other than being a creaky old lady, she's pretty healthy!

Family lunch at Cowboy Chicken

So this is where we are this month: baby jail :)  

These 2 make my heart so happy!

Sasha is really popular around our house these days...and she is loving staying close for extra treats :)

Love my best friend :)

Play time :)

We got to hang out with Grumpz and Eli had lots of fun!

This girl has no shortage of sleeping positions...but the thumb. The thumb gets me every time. 

Eli loves hanging out with Aunt Christa on Sunday mornings.

Flowers from my love...when Daddy takes the babies to Target, Mama gets flowers. Deal.

She loves her daddy...despite her indifferent expression here :)


He was trying to focus on something above him, but just ended up looking like he was rolling his eyes.

Mama and Maddie

She LOVES her little stuffed monkey!

We sent my dad Tiff's Treats for Father's Day, and he was pretty excited about it!

These two...I love that they're starting to play more with each other!

Our little thumb sucker...

Mama and Eli

Cutie Pie! :)

Sam's carts are made for twins :)

The cutest laundry I ever did see!

The carseats have become too heavy to click in and out of the car and stroller, so we have transitioned into the actual stroller seats. They seemed to enjoy their "new" ride :)

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