Friday, June 23, 2017

High Five for Friday!

So glad it's Friday, because Friday = reinforcements!  :)

{one} We were so excited to celebrate Mike's first Father's Day this past weekend! Eli & Maddie got him a photo coffee mug, Jimmy Fallon's book Dada, and these cute first Father's Day onesies. I made Mike homemade enchiladas with roasted tomatillo sauce, and we were able to enjoy the day as a family. The perfect way to celebrate the best new daddy!

{two} I have had some more health issues come up recently, so I had more doctor appointments this week. Right now I still don't have too many answers, as we're waiting on lab results to come back. But as soon as we know more, I promise to share more details. It's just never ending; there always seems to be something with my health. Definitely looking forward to that new glorified body in heaven!

{three} Eli is still going to see the chiropractor every week for his torticollis and plagiocephaly. He does really well with the chiropractor, and we have been SO thankful for my aunt who has been able to come with us to the appointments. She is the master of distraction, and she keeps him happy while the chiropractor works on him. Somedays I think his head looks better, and some days I think it looks about the we'll see how much longer we have to go and if it makes a difference. I really hope it does!

{four} This little one has been practicing sitting up and she is doing so well! She can sit for long periods of time and play contentedly. She hasn't quite figured out how to get herself into a sitting position, but if I put her down, she stays for a long time. She's also working super hard on starting to crawl, but right now, she's just on all fours rocking back and forth with her cute little tush in the air :)

{five} This week has been hard because I ended up with a cold that I was unable to keep from Eli and Maddie. So the 3 of us were a snotty nose mess! So we are definitely glad that it's Friday and that Daddy can be home with us for the weekend :)

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