Sunday, May 31, 2015

{iPhone Rewind} :: May

Some days, you just have to soak up the sun! Sasha and I enjoyed a lot of lunches outside :)

McKinney had a community garage sale and craft fair, so I headed out to check things out. I didn't find anything worth buying, but it was fun to be out in the beautiful weather.

I have been trying to keep my nails painted on a regular basis {keeps them stronger!}, and I have really liked this matte top coat. Such a fun and different look!

Obviously I was wasting time and thought I would run our photo through the #HowOldRobot that has been floating around the inter webs...we must be old souls :)  {I want a photo of us when we are actually 59 and 51}

When you open your purse and find cookies stashed and realize you have the best husband in the world. #lovehim

I always take a photo of the flowers my hubby gives me...since they die so quickly, I want to have them {at least in photo form} forever!

We were awakened at 2 a.m. one morning to Atmos Energy digging in our yard. Apparently there was a gas leak, so they had to dig up our entire front yard and part of our driveway. At one point, we had 2 backhoes in our yard. With all the rain we have had, it was no short of a muddy mess!

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