Friday, October 31, 2014

{iPhone Rewind} :: October

Not going to lie...I love coming home to flowers waiting from my love :)

The cooler weather means we're starting to use our Nespresso more often...which means yummy pumpkin spice lattes!

We had dinner and a game night with a couple of friends. Mike played a fun cup game with the kids, and we played a fun round of Farkle.

My sweet husband saves chick flicks on our Netflix account for me. He's pretty adorable like that ;)

{Obviously} not an iPhone photo, but one I still wanted to remember/share. We had a Go Pink! campaign at work. Since we were also celebrating birthdays, we decided to grab a group photo. This isn't everyone at corporate, but it's a good representation of most of the departments.

I'm super impressed that my cute dad even knows what a #hashtag is! :)

We went to Woodcreek's Community Block Party and stopped by the International Student Ministry booth to say hi to Laura and David. We had to try to find the country we pre-selected blindfolded...sorry babe, Brazil is not near Russia! (just kidding, he was getting the measurements of the map)

I came home and my sweet husband was making me homemade pretzels! He knows how much I like soft pretzels and decided to make me some. Heart melted.

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