Monday, June 30, 2014

{iPhone Rewind} :: June

Every Spring, Sasha starts shedding like crazy to get rid of her thick winter coat. This year it seemed like she was shedding SO much more than usual. She got a bath and we used the Furminator to get rid of as much as we could...and we ended up brushing out enough hair the size of our neighbor's dog. No Joke. Good thing I love my puppy :)
The first half of June was dedicated to VBS prep. I was in charge of crafts, so our living room became the working hub for all things VBS craft-related.
I don't know where my brain has been the past 6 months, but I finally realized that my inspection sticker was expired in JANUARY. And it wasn't like I "kept meaning to do it" either; I was 100% oblivious the entire 6 months. I got my registration sticker. I have changed my oil. But never once noticed my inspection. I am SUPER lucky I didn't get pulled over {especially given the fact that the windshield replacement guy used bright orange adhesive to put it back on}. Plus, I got a free car wash when I finally took my car in. #grace
Sasha turned 7 this month, and I made her take a picture with me on her birthday. She is most definitely eyeing the treat in my hand, waiting for the photo nonsense with mom to be over :)
Mike and I had planned a date night, but I wasn't feeling great so we ended up not going out. I came home to these beautiful flowers, which were a sweet "I love you" in place of a night out. So thankful for a patient husband who endures my bad days with me.
These silly kitties don't belong to us, but they are ALWAYS in our yard: sleeping in our flower beds, under our carport, on our front door mat. They have no fear, and even hopped into one of our Bible study girls' car once. In the winter, they try to sneak inside our house. The neighbor kids try to feed them on our poarch. They are siblings, so they are constantly fighting with each other. I walked outside to them wrestling with each other in the soccer goal net. Silly kitties.

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