Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Happy {7th} Birthday Sasha!

Today my sweet puppy turns 7 years old. It's hard to believe that I brought this adorable ball of fluff home 7 years ago. Little did I know what a huge part of my life she would become...
Such a baby face!
Sasha has been with me through a lot of life change. We set out for our life in DFW together, and she has been with me through job change, unemployment, ministry challenges, dating, getting married, health issues, and more. She has been my running buddy and my cuddle buddy. I love my baby girl so much, and I cannot imagine life without her. Life would just be so boring without her :) 
I have watched her bound around with never-ending puppy energy, and only now am I starting to see her slow down. While I am grateful for the new level of calm, it also makes me sad to think that my puppy is turning into an old lady. Her little white hairs remind me of her age, though some days it's deceiving because her never-ending puppy spark is definitely still there.

Such a good girl {she's definitely only sitting because she knows she's going to get a treat}
Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!


  1. Happy Birthday to our sweet granddog!! :)

  2. Happy Birthday Sasha!! We love you! -Laura & Lily :)