Wednesday, April 30, 2014

{iPhone Rewind} :: April

We had some bad weather come through McKinney at the beginning of April...gotta love Texas in the Spring! I was hanging out with Laura in Allen while Mike and Sasha set up camp in the bathroom. Poor puppy is not a fan of tornado warnings... {pic stolen from Mike}.

We have definitely been thankful for the rain {we desperately need it!}. But the combination of the extra rain and a torn up back yard make it virtually impossible to keep clean floors. Sasha came inside one morning caked in mud and running around the house like a crazy woman. Once I got her calm and cleaned up, she came to make peace with me, almost as if she knew she had done wrong. Such a pitiful "I'm sorry, mom" face!

Ever wonder what the McCulloughs do on Friday nights? We make ice cream runs in our pajamas, that's what. #thisishowweroll  :)

Work has been non-stop crazy busy. So I was incredibly thankful for the afternoon pick-me-up that my hubby dropped off for me. He definitely knows the way to my heart! 

And because he's awesome, he leaves me sweet notes on the bathroom mirror. This one was extra fun because he told me how hard he tried to bend down to my height so it would line up just right. Yeah...he's pretty cute like that :)

I went in to have my bloodwork done again. My GI wanted to check my liver enzyme levels, because they were elevated in my last panel. Thankfully everything came back normal! They will continue to monitor my levels {they have to while I am on Humira}, but there is no immediate liver issues right now!

My sweet co-worker made the cutest Christmas gift that included mini glass dishes, a special spice, and a bar of chocolate. She included the recipe for mini molten chocolate cakes. We finally made the recipe, and it was delicious!

My dad was in town for a conference, so we got to meet him and my brother for dinner. The boys enjoyed steaks, and I enjoyed some delicious salmon. It was a fun evening getting to hang out, we just missed having my mom there too!

I have been stretching out some birthday money and stopping at Seattle's Best on Tuesday mornings. I have to be at work early every Tuesday, so I make the best of it with some {decaf} coffee. Because it was tax day, I got double stamps on my frequent buyer card and made it to my free coffee earlier! It's the little things...  :)

We attended a Good Friday service with my in-laws' church. They hosted it at their house, and it was a good evening of praise and reflection.

I woke up and found this pretty rose waiting for me- a fun surprise from my love!

I finally got me hair cut! It has grown so long and was looking pretty crazy, so I was thankful when I found a new place to go. I went to a super cute salon in downtown McKinney, and I am so glad I found someone I like and can afford!

This is the only non-weed that grows in our yard...something my brother planted for us last year. I'm so excited it survived our crazy winter and that it is blooming! Seriously, the blooms are the size of my hand!

McKinney had a free shred day, so I got up early to get in line to have a few things shred. Such an exciting life I lead ;) But if you have ever had your identity stolen, you understand the desire to shred anything of remote importance.

I have enjoyed a lot of flowers recently, and I LOVE it! My sweet hubby surprised me with some fun flowers for a date night. He's pretty awesome :)

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