Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Married Life, Day #305

10 months today! :) And yes, I am still blissfully married and completely and utterly head-over-heels in love with my adorable husband.

For 10 months, you get to hear 10 specific reasons why I love my husband…

1. He makes me laugh. He really is a funny one. I love being able to joke around and laugh with him. He helps me not take myself so seriously, and he has a way of lightening the mood in almost any situation.

2. He loves and supports me. I have no doubt that he is in my corner. I can rest in the security of knowing that he loves me and wants to be my cheerleader. That's not a bad feeling. Not a bad one at all.

3. He still makes my lunch for me every morning…yep. Even now when he has to get up early to go to work, I can still find my lunch waiting for me in the fridge. 

4.  …and includes a sweet note with every lunch. Most definitely one of the highlights of my day is opening up my lunch to read the note he wrote me. Of course, some of my favorites are the ones with artwork in them ;)

5. He is an example of grace and forgiveness. This past week he has put words and convictions into practice by extending grace and forgiveness to a neighborhood boy who broke into our house and stole Mike’s iPad. After some prodding, the boy confessed and returned the iPad. But more than just wanting the iPad returned, Mike wants to be a positive influence in his life. He has shared and is living out the gospel in this young boy’s life, and I am so proud of him! (Prayers for our relationship with this young boy are appreciated!)

6. He reminds me to stay focused. He is always reminding me of the mission the Lord has placed on our hearts for McKinney, and even more importantly for the gospel and God’s glory. I can get easily side-tracked with day-to-day life; but he always brings me back into focus.

7. He’s my favorite barista. I joke and jest about the benefits of his job, and I certainly enjoy the fun treats he brings me. But more than that, I feel loved just knowing he was thinking of me when he brings me drinks after his shift. And I am so proud of him for working hard to help provide for us.

8. He speaks highly of me. This one is something that has really hit home with me in recent weeks. And it is a realization that comes from witnessing other people’s relationships. In observing how other men speak of their wives, I have been reminded of how truly blessed I am to have a husband who speaks highly of me; meaning, he speaks kind and edifying words when he speaks to me and of me to others.

9. He is my constant encouragement. This is similar to #8, in that his words are always encouraging. He is always quick to compliment and edify. He always points out the best, and pushes me to seek Jesus in every situation.

10. He will sit and make paper flowers with me. You know you are a lucky girl when your husband will sit and make paper flowers with you. I had to make a ton of paper flower and poofs for a friend’s wedding this past weekend (post coming soon!) and so my sweet husband sat with me several nights in a row to help me get them done. That’s love.



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