Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Totally Awesome Surprise!

This weekend, I threw a surprise birthday party for Mike's 30th birthday. I have been planning this for a couple months, and it was so great (and relieving) for the party to actually get here! I had wanted to do something fun and special for his 30th, and knew that he would enjoy just hanging out with friends and family. In the spirit of his birth year, the party's theme was "I love 1981!" From costumes and music to snacks and decor, we had an all-out 80s party!

So many people were a part of the planning and preparing process. Mike left early on Saturday morning to run a race with Jon and Sami (2 of my fellow conspirators). They then pulled him into a home improvement project, so that gave me most of the day to get things ready. My mom drove in from San Antonio, and I dragged her all over McKinney to run last minute errands. My brother, Laura, and Lindsey also came over early to help set everything up.

Not everyone dressed up to match the party theme (which was ok), but I was really thankful for the people that did- it made things a lot more fun! 

No question, hands down: my brother was the BEST DRESSED!!  :)

Wait for it...

Check out those pants!  :)

Mike was completely surprised! I couldn't tell if he suspected anything, and just resigned myself to the fact that he probably knew but was being kind to let me continue thinking everything was a surprise. But he didn't think anything was up until he walked into the house and smelled food...he said it was kind of early for me to have started on dinner haha.

We got to hang out with sweet friends and family and reminisce on the specialness that was the 80s.

Concentrating to play 80s Scene It!

Rubik's Cubes!

Mike's super-talented sister made the cake! It turned out so GREAT! :)

Cute Miller Sisters :)

Happy 30th Birthday Mike- I love you SO much! I hope you enjoyed your totally awesome party :)



  1. In all fairness, I did like three things to help (four if you count tasting a meatball)... I don't I deserve credit for any of those awesome decorations!!!!!!

  2. It was an amazing party, Erin! :) Nice job!