Monday, March 8, 2010

Surrender, Simplification, Stewardship

My church has been doing a Transformation series on spirtual disciplines. We have already studied Celebration, Being in the Scriptures, Practicing Sabbath, Solitude, Surrender, Prayer, Fasting, Simplicity, and Stewardship. I have loved this series, and it has been very challenging/convicting. It's amazing to see how the disciplines are interconnected, specifically how they must be practiced simultaneously in our walk as Christ-followers. I have been learning a lot about the things that I value- both good and not so good- and how I need to take a closer look at how I am choosing to live my life for the sake of Christ.

The most recent thing I have been convicted of (which I have mentioned before) is how I spend my time and money. And God has really been tugging at my heart about one thing: TV. It's the age-old struggle of "do I need it?" or "how much time do I waste with it?" I don't really watch a whole lot of schedule simply doesn't allow it. And lately, the time I have spent watching it, I just feel empty. After much contemplation and prompting from the Spirit, I have decided I would rather use the time I would normally watch a show to read His Word, or spend time in prayer, or serve Him in some way. I have decided to use that money to advance His kingdom, rather than for my own personal pursuit of self-gratification and entertainment. After all, if I want to truly be transformed, I have to actually do something to allow for the Holy Spirit to work.

Please don't misunderstand me- this isn't a post about how TV is bad. I will admit that there are still a few favorites I will probably catch on Hulu now and then. Instead, this is a post about what God has asked me to "give up" in order to free up both time and resources to better serve Him. The fact of the matter is that God has asked me to remove it from my life, and I just want to be obedient. I don't need it, so why do I keep it? This weekend's sermon challenged me to do something this week that seemed ridiculous to the world. Removing TV from my life is definitely ridiculous to the world :)

When I called to cancel my service, they asked why I was cancelling. I told the guy I needed to simplify my life and getting rid of cable was a way to do that; I simply didn't need it. I don't think he really understood my reasoning because he asked if I was trying to save money. I told him no, and he was even more confused. Haha. I wish that I could tell you I got to impact a soul for Christ with my decision; but really he was just confused and wanted to try to keep me as a customer. But it felt good to do something "radical" that the world didn't understand. I realize it's such a silly and simple thing; and in all reality, it's not a huge sacrifice. Yet I feel joy for being obedient in this small matter, and I am excited to be taking a step closer to the heart of God with one less distraction.

So long TV. I will no longer be tempted by you, and I will no longer waste my time with you. I choose to be obedient to God's call of transforming my life and to his command of looking different from the world in every way possible.



  1. So proud of you! You won't even miss it. I don't.

  2. Wow, so how's no tv a month later? That's awesome that you even canceled your cable! Sometimes you can't just ignore the habit, you got to kill it!! I gave up tv last fall, even my favorite SNL. And I don't miss it one bit.