Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas is Near!

Christmas is only 12 days away! 

I have no idea how the days have gone by so quickly. Just a little while ago, it seemed like Christmas couldn't get here soon enough. And now, I just can't believe it's almost here! I spent the day doing some Christmas shopping, which mainly means I spent the day surrounded by crazy shoppers: fighting for parking spots, waiting in long lines, traffic...but I was in no hurry, so the crowds didn't bother me as much as they usually do. I did have to call it quits late in the afternoon because it was getting to be just a bit too much. Haha. It's what I get for waiting this late. Oh well.

Tonight, Laura and I headed out to Terrell, TX for Walk with the Wise Men. It is a live nativity performance that a local church puts on every year. It was so great! When we arrived, we were welcomed and told that we could take a seat and sing some Christmas carols or take our picture with a wise man while we waited. Of course, Laura and I opted to take our picture with the wise man! It was free, and they gave us a copy to take home with us! It wasn't until they were making announcments that we realized it was technically for the kids. Adults were welcome to take their pictures with the wise man if they wanted, but you know....

I think it turned out great! And it's a fun memory of our walk with the wise men...

After waiting for our number to be called, we finally began our journey through the Christmas production. We walked back in time to when Christ was born...Mary and Joseph, centurions and innkeepers, angels and shepherds, and (of course) wise men. The scenes and costumes were very well done! Oh, and there were definitely live animals- horses, a donkey, and a sheep. The sheep was the best part...he pretty much just bleeted the whole time, begging someone to pay attention to him. I couldn't help but laugh when he started eating the jacket of the man standing next to me. The church gave a gospel presentation and offered refreshments at the end of the walk. And we definitely received a gospel track on a million dollar bill. It was a fun and interesting night! I really enjoyed it, and it definitely made me excited about being in the Christmas season. It got me focused on the true meaning of the season.

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