Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Poor Woman's Christmas Card

So my financial situation is a bit tighter this year than I had hoped for or anticipated. I have been trying to save in as many ways as I can, cutting back in areas that I never thought I could. In a way, the simplification of my life is soul cleansing and good. But sometimes it's hard. One of the things I had to say no to this year was sending Christmas cards. This made me VERY sad, because I love picking out the perfect one, addressing the envelopes to friends and family...and I absolutely love the nutcracker postage stamps this year! But it just wasn't in the budget. Sigh. Oh well.
So instead, I decided to design my own card and post it here. So to all of my friends and family (at least the ones who read my blog), this is a special delivery from my heart to yours.
Outside of card:
Inside of card:
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