Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mess...or Masterpiece?

Every year, for the past 23 years, my mom has made a special birthday cake for my dad. A made-from-scratch, double-layer German Chocolate Cake. Every year. And for the majority of those years, I have asked my mom to make me this very same cake for my birthday. And every year, she has refused to make it more than once a year. Because it's made from scratch, it is an all-day baking process that she will only commit to once a year. And for some reason, my dad takes precidence over mine. I have pulled out all the arguments...I'm her daughter and she loves me and says she will make whatever cake I want (unless I ask for German Chocolate cake), my birthday is 6 months after my dad's...all to no avail.  So I only get this blessed cake once a year on my dad's birthday.

This year was the first year I did not get to enjoy my most favorite cake. Growing up and moving away from home stinks sometimes. So I have had an intense craving for this glorious cake. And today, I woke up in a baking mood and decided today was going to be the day I baked German Chocolate Cake for myself. From scratch. All by myself. Now, to those of you who know me, you have to be laughing at this point. Me? Bake? Ha. I definitely fair better when I get in that rare baking mood, but let's be honest...I have a lot of work before I come close to resembling Susie Homemaker. I usually end up making more of a mess than anything else. Haha. It's very sad. But at least I am honest with myself. Baking is just not my gift. And for that reason, I decided to document this "first." Details and pictures follow. You can determine whether I ended up with a mess...or a masterpiece.

First, I gathered all the necessary ingredients. Good start. And then I commenced to create this sucker...lots of mixing, pouring, melting, folding, etc. It's like a science project.

And no baking adventure would be complete without the necessary outfit! (Lady bug ruffled apron courtesy of a former's from Spain!) You know you're jealous you can't bake in such style...

Remember when I said I usually end up making more of a mess than anything else? Poor Sasha was my first victim. The coffeemaker, toaster, floor, and blender followed.

"Beat egg whites until stiff peaks form." ?!?!? Eggs are not supposed to form peaks. That's unnatural. And it's a ridiculously long process.

My mess :)  Don't they say that messy cooks/bakers are the best?

My masterpiece!

It turned out to be a fun process. What else was I going to do on a Saturday? Haha. It looks tastes good. And I get to enjoy my most favorite cake. Now I am off to go clean my mess....

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