Thursday, April 12, 2007

Receiving Some Much Needed Oxygen

So. The whole hyperventilation thing is still a concern. My life is still crazy and doesn't seem to want to slow down anytime soon. But God is my life support and He is pulling me through. Ok. So maybe it is more like He is dragging me at this point. Not because I don't want to do something. But because I don't have enough energy on my own. Haha. It's actually quite a comical mental picture if you think about it...

God is doing amazing things. I can feel it in my soul. I have seen the manifestation of His blessings in my life in countless ways in the last few weeks. And I also feel as though He has more planned for me. More than I could have ever asked for, more than I could have ever dreamed of. I am reaching the end of a chapter in my life. I was given the amazing opportunity to spend 4 amazing years at Baylor University. In my last few days here, I walk across campus praising God for all He has done. I look at the beautiful buildings that make up what I have called home for the last 4 years and I can't help but be filled with sadness over leaving this place. So I try to savor every last moment that I have to walk across campus. And yet, I have an extreme sense of excitement about the new chapter in my life. A sense of excitement of the impending plans God has for me. I still am not sure what those plans are; and I am ok with that. I feel as though in not revealing the details to me as of yet, God is giving me a sweet gift. The gift of enjoying the last drops of this season. The gift of knowing the joy of seeking His face. The gift of feeling the peace He gives to His children.

I am beginning to see His hand move. Don't misunderstand me; God's hand has been moving all along. It's just that in my sinful state, I am just now able to see the forest through the trees, if you will. God is revealing more and more of Himself to me, and I feel as though my soul is awakening again. Maybe it's the fact that in one month, the stress of school will be over. Maybe it's the fact that in one month, I start a new phase of life. Maybe it's the fact that God has been doing a lot of shaping, molding, disciplining, teaching in the last few months. Who knows. What I do know, is that my God is good and there is nothing else that compares to Him. There is nothing in this world that even come close to comparing to knowing Him. I am His and He is mine.


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