Saturday, December 31, 2016

{iPhone Rewind} :: December

This has been our life haha. Baby Central :)

When you're by yourself and both babies want to happily oblige :)

Date #37: Christmas Movies #wcsavethedate16

Fortune cookie wisdom #truth

The Twin Z pillow has been SO helpful! I am so glad that babies like it too :)

"This tiny noise maker has invaded my world and I'm still not sure how I feel about it. It's loud and smelly, and a total attention hog. And there's another one just like it! But mom and dad seem to love them, so I think I'm supposed to guard them." - Sasha {aka guard dog}

Just hanging out with this girlie early in the morning :)

Out bottle set up in the kitchen...good times.

I had much better luck with the Ergo carrier. Little man loved it, though he is a tiny heater!

He has the BEST facial expressions :)

I prayed so much for sweet moments like this...

We got this fun gift basket, but it didn't say who it was from...I hope the gift giver comes forward so we can say thank you!

With my girls...puppy will always be my first {fur} baby.

Multi-tasking like a boss HA! This is what it looks like to get board packages out these days :)

Date #38: A drive to see Christmas lights with babes sleeping in the back seat #wcsavethedate16

Yes, that's a 50 degree swing in less than a 24 hour period. Oh Texas.

Y'all. My friend Jill wrote a book! So excited to have her sign it :)


"You mean to tell me I'm super cute?? // Yeah, I am!"

Eli had zero interest in taking photos, Maddie hated her cute bow, and these two refuse to take photos together. So much for the cute Pinterest photos... 

When your uncle sends your kids 26 adorable stuffed animals for Christmas...

Date #39: Starbucks Date #wcsavethedate16

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