Tuesday, March 31, 2015

{iPhone Rewind} :: March

The crazy end-of-February weather carried over into the first week of March. As I was leaving the office, the rain was freezing on my windshield. My windshield wipers were no match for the freezing temperatures, so I'm glad I had a short commute!

We ended up with 4 inches of snow, which was actually a nice reprieve from the ice. But I was more excited about the sun finally coming out! It had been way too long since we had sunshine.

Our niece Sarah was in the musical "Oklahoma" and it was so fun to see her up on stage! We weren't allowed to take photos in the theatre, but we were so proud of our little starlet :)

I am SO EXCITED about this fun arrival! I have been stalking watching this Etsy shop since we got married, because I loved the idea of having one of our wedding photos created into a piece of art. She is so popular that she often has to close her listings and I could never seem to catch her...until now! :)

I was texting with my brother about Easter plans, and I love that we can catch each other's jokes! #nacholibre #brothersarethebest

Our sweet friends threw a My Little Pony party for their 3-year-old, and we were invited! We loved getting to celebrate with this cutie #twilightsparkle

I know this conversation seems morbid and a little strange, but I cannot say enough times how thankful I am for my love. He keeps me laughing and always helps me focus on my Savior when the breakdown of my body gets overwhelming. Laughter is absolutely 100% good medicine #lovehim

We have been hearing rumors about H-E-B stores in the Dallas area for years. But when I saw this article in the Dallas Morning News, I started to get excited that it might actually happen! H-E-B is an awesome grocery store that I grew up going to in San Antonio...I would LOVE to have them here!

We headed to the Allen Americans game and enjoyed some fun time with Mike's family.

We were at the Allen Americans game because it was Star Wars night, and Mike's brother was doing the ceremonial puck drop...as Darth Vader. He is a part of the 501st Legion, an officially licensed imperial costuming organization. Mike got in line with all the little kids to get his photo taken with Vader. #brothers

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