Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Embryo Adoption :: Mock Transfer Day

Today I had my mock embryo transfer. Which is exactly what it sounds's a practice run for the real thing :)

They do the mock transfer so that the doctor can get a good idea of what she's dealing with, so there are no surprises on the day of the actual transfer. They do something of a "mapping" process, to make sure they know exactly where to release the embryos.

The procedure itself was super simple; the worst part? Was having to drink a crazy amount of water right before the procedure. So you have to go in with a full bladder. I will leave details to your imagination, but just know it's highly uncomfortable. And I spent the time praying I wouldn't pee on the doctor :)

My doctor said that I have a "beautiful uterus" {ha- at least something looks good!}, and we should be all set for the real thing, once we have our embryos! So for the real thing, I will have started my medications, Mike will be with me, and we will actually be able to watch the procedure on the screen. For all that infertility steals from you, I have to say that this is a SUPER cool part of the embryo adoption process. 

Now we're just waiting for our babies to become ours and arrive at our clinic...

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