Saturday, October 18, 2008

State Fair of Texas!

Laura and I have continued on our fall adventures and today brought us to the State Fair of Texas. I had never been before, so it was a fun new experience! Here are some pictures from the day...

We started our day by test driving Chevys! It was free, so I couldn't resist. Especially when they told me I could test drive a truck on an off-road track. Heck yes! Off-roading in a Chevy?!?! Sign me up! What can I say? I'm a truck kind of girl.

We spent the day walking the fair grounds. The weather was absolutely beautiful and was perfect for a day at the fair! We saw all kinds of things...the auto show, show goats, Big Tex, the DAR museum, the bag pipe playing marines, senior citizen sqare dancers, teeth whitening (no joke!), Dancing with the Dogs show, and the pee wee stampede. There were tons of rides...but we decided a) we wanted to spend our money on food instead and b) we didn't want to be sick. We did, however, ride the Texas Star Ferris Wheel. It was definitely worth the 12 tickets! We had an awesome view of downtown Dallas and the breeze felt amazing! And it was fun to see the fair grounds from 23 stories up!

And the best part of the fair...the food! I started my marathon of junk food with a hot dog. I needed to have a base food so that my stomach could handle the rest of the junk food. Haha. For those who don't know, the State Fair of Texas is famous for its fried foods...of every kind. Fried bananas, fried s'mores, fried ice cream, fried snickers, fried oreos, fried truffles, chicken fried bacon, fried jelly beans, fried cheescake, fried pb&j's, fried grilled cheese, fried cheese on a stick, fried cookie dough, fried marshmellows, fried apple pie, fried banana split, fried green beans, fried honey buns, fried everything. With so many choices, it was a difficult decision on which ones to try. Laura and I decided on the fried cheesecake and the fried oreos. Definitely the right decision!

And I couldn't leave the fair without a funnel cake and a turkey leg. But don't worry. I took the turkey leg home for dinner tomorrow night. Despite the onslaught of junk food, my tummy is miraculously not upset with me. It's all about timing. Pace yourself and you'll be go :) All in all, it was an amzing day! I am now a huge fan of the State Fair!

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