Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Battle of Epic Proportions

Today was such a beautiful day outside! The weather was perfect, so I decided to open up my windows to let the sunshine and cool breeze in. I opened up the back door to my patio so Sasha could enjoy the nice day too. I was enjoying the day, studying a little bit of Exodus, basically minding my own business. I was unaware of the battle that was brewing...[enter Jaws theme music for dramatic effect]

Sasha had already come inside and was taking a nap at my feet, when out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the first one. A wasp flew into my living room and started buzzing around. Of course, Sasha was up and on the prowl. While I was keeping an eye on where it was heading (and making sure Sasha wasn't getting stung), I started willing it to fly back outside, figuring it would eventually. And then I noticed the next one. Another wasp had flown into my living room. Now I had a situation on my hands. For those of you who don't know me, I confess I have a terrible fear of pretty much any and all insects. Large flying insects with stingers are at the top of the list. Sasha was going crazy because now she had 2 flying toys to play with! It offered a little more of a challenge for her since they weren't exactly flying in unison. And my heart started beating a little bit faster as I honestly just started praying that God would suck them back outside.

I was trying to get Sasha to leave them alone (because the last thing I needed was for her to eat one, get stung, and have some awful allergic reaction), when all of a sudden my heart stopped. I now had 3 wasps flying around my apartment. They were on the attack! I grabbed the nearest blanket to offer some sort of shield for myself, grabbed Sasha by the collar and ran to the bedroom. (And just so you know...the situation was far from funny at the time. Remember- major fear of large flying insects with multiplied by 3). While I was hiding in my bedroom, I realized that my back door was still open. For anyone else who wouldn't have been so bothered by this situation, the wasps probably would have made their way back to the outside world and gone about their merry way. Not so in Erin-world. I peeked my head out of the bedroom door just to make sure...and you guessed it. There were now 4. I slammed the door and decided I needed to get a grip before the entire wasp population took up residence in my apartment. And so the battle began...

The first obstacle I had to overcome was the fact that I had to make it across the apartment to the kitchen, where the wasp/hornet spray resided. I grabbed my blanket/shield and ran for my life. All the time by brain is thinking a million things at once. I can't believe I have 4 wasps flying in my apartment. I really hope I am not allergic. Oh my gosh, I really hope I don't get stung. The odds don't seem to be in my favor. I really hope I have wasp/hornet spray. Remember when we had that invasion of killer bees? I wonder if killer wasps exist...Those are wasps right? Maybe the ant/roach spray will work. They're all toxic to bugs right? I can't believe I am doing this. I really wish I had a boy right now. Will I ever grow out of this fear? If people could see me now, oh my gosh. If people could know what is running through my mind, they would think I am nuts. I am officially crazy. Ok. Seriously. Suck it up. Spray the wasps. If I spray one, will the others attack? What if they don't die right away? Please just fly outside so I don't have to do this. I really feel like a sissy girl right now. I really just want to run out of the door and never come back. The wasps can have the apartment. I wasn't really attached to it anyway. Am I screaming? Ok. Seriously for real this time. I can do this. I can't do this. Grow up. Just spray the darn things.

The battle waged until there were 4 casualties, the back door was secure, and my heart stopped racing. I have to say that I happen to have excellent aim! And I highly recommend Raid Wasp and Hornet Killer Spray. It sprays up to 22 feet (which is probably the only thing that gave me courage to face the vicious beasts...the fact that I could attack from a distance), and it only takes one hit to make those suckers drop to their death. I won the battle. And lived to tell the tale...

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