Friday, July 27, 2007

The War Rages On

I try not to get into conversations over political issues. It's not that I am afraid of them; it just seems too much of a hot button with people and it is usually not an issue that has a great weight of eternal value. And I tend to be on the opposite side of issues than most people who are looking to debate. That's not always the case, but my experiences with it just keeps me from really getting into it with people. Of course, the major political issue right now is this war that contines to rage in Iraq. We all want our troops to come home; but I can't even begin to think I know when is best for peace and safety, both overseas and at home. Regardless of your feelings about the war, the fact remains that we have men and women putting their lives on the line for what they believe in, protecting our American way of life. They fight bravely so that I can have the freedoms I enjoy. And I will continue to pray for and support these brave men and women, and their families, until they do come home.
The war hit closer to home this week. My cousin just got deployed. He joined the army reserves earlier this year, but has been called to active duty. We are still unsure of where he will be sent. He left this morning for training stateside. Then he will be sent overseas. We are really praying for Kuwait. But he got pulled from his unit, and there is still a possibility he could end up in Iraq. He is infantry and is being sent as a mechanic. So we are also praying that he gets stationed at a base, that he doesn't get assigned to be a driver (which is something that has been mentioned), and that he doesn't get assigned to convoys. He is in God's hands, but it is still scary. He is so young; he is only 19, and is scared. And at this point, he does not know Christ. So please pray for him. My family is taking it pretty hard. My aunt is a mess. Understandably so. He has 3 brothers- the youngest is struggling the most. And my grandpa is really struggling too. He just recently started receiving counseling for his war experiences with special forces in Vietnam, so has been dealing with all of those issues, and now one of his grandsons is going to war.
Last night I witnessed God do the seemingly impossible. My non-believing, non-praying family asked for prayer. My non-praying family held hands and prayed. Not like we do at Thanksgiving and Christmas because that is what the few Christians in the family like to do. But full out prayer. I never thought I would see the day. It is one thing to take prayer when it is offered, especially considering the circumstances. To be polite when others are praying. It's something else entirely to really ask for prayer. In this scary time, my non-believing family is looking to God for answers. I don't know how to begin to describe my family...but this just doesn't happen. Ever. I just want this to finally be the time my family turns to Christ. I am desperately asking God to display His power and glory...because my family doesn't need another thing to blame God for. I am praying that God works a miracle, that He brings my cousin home safely, and that my family recognizes that it was only by God's hand. If you could join me in this prayer, I would appreciate it. My family needs Jesus. And if you could join me in prayer for my cousin, that God would protect him wherever he goes, and that God would return him home safely.

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