Tuesday, January 31, 2017

{iPhone Rewind} :: January

Again, sorry for the influx of baby photos...when you're stuck at home with babies all day long, you tend to have a lot of baby photos :)

Eli worked really hard and really improved on his tummy time!

Gone are the days of feeding one at a time...enter the reclining/adjustable high chairs.

Baby girl LOVES "talking" to the stuffed giraffe on the bouncer. She tells him everything

And buddy LOVES the stuffed lion on the play mat. It's his little friend :)

Loving play time!

The cutest little bear I ever did see! Thanks to Nicki for the cute onesie!

Because this is the type of photo I capture of the 2 of them together 95% of the time. #reallife

Eli is excited that it's snowing outside!

When you're just so glad that someone came to visit and actually pay attention to you and not just the babies #happypuppy

Girlie HATES being swaddled. She fights it with all she has. So we tried the Swaddle Up in an effort to reduce her swaddle anxiety.

Those eyelashes #eyelashesfordays #ladykiller

A little blurry, but Eli was SUPER happy it was time to eat :)

Meeting Dannie!

Meeting Grace!

I live and breathe this log...it's the only way we can keep track. We actually don't track wet diapers anymore, but instead track how many ounces they eat at each feed. #becausetwins

Basically, they're awesome at tummy time now #proudmama

When everyone in the house is having a meltdown {including mama} and you receive warm cookies at your doorstep from your amazing hubby #allthecookies #allthefeels

This little dude loves just chillin' and hanging out :)

They're my favorite :)

When you flirt with the camera instead of napping #gotosleepmaddie

Sunday afternoon naps with daddy

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