Friday, January 13, 2012

Home Church

Mike and I have been praying for opportunities to use our home in gospel-centered ways. From being a "home base" for neighborhood kids and Christmas parties to simply having people over for dinner and friendship, we want very much for our little home to be used for God's purposes. We are convinced the Lord led us to this specific little rent house in McKinney to accomplish great things for His glory. It's kind of fun that we are starting to see glimpses of that!

One specific opportunity we have been praying for is the chance to open our home for Bible study. Through the Lord's faithful provision of relationships and connections, we have been able to do just that. This week we hosted our first "Home Church" gathering! Not only has the Lord provided sweet friends and mentors to partner with us in this journey, He has also provided new friends who want to study with us and go deeper with Jesus.  It was exciting to see our living room full of people that the Lord had brought together. People that we didn't even know existed 6 months ago, but whom the Lord knew by name.

This first week was such a blessing and encouragement. We are excited about the gathering of both believers and (as Mike phrased it) "not-yet" believers to dive deeper into the Word, and we look forward to the weeks to come as we walk through the book of John together. Please pray for us as we lead this study. While yummy snacks and a welcoming home are important, they are not what stirs people's hearts or transforms lives. Please pray that we can be gracious and loving hosts, but more importantly please pray that the Spirit moves and that truth is made known. We know that there is an enemy who does not want to see a study like this happen, and who has already thrown in obstacles. So please pray for protection from spiritual distractions and attacks. We don't want to become a "club" of people, hanging out, doing the "Jesus" thing. We want to be an active, growing community of disciples. Please pray that people feel safe to ask questions and challenge each other to dig deeper and live differently. And above all else, please pray that Christ's name is proclaimed and glorified in our home.

And if you just so happen to find yourself in the McKinney area on a Wednesday night, come join us! There most likely will be guacamole and good discussion about Jesus :)


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