Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wait...It's October?!?!

So when did that happen? I can't believe it's already October! I have to say that I am LOVING the beautiful weather. When I walk outside at 5:30 in the morning, the crisp air will really wake you up! But my favorite thing is the beautiful sunshine during the day- with mild temperatures and a slight breeze...it's been difficult to be stuck in my little windowless corner at work. But I am grateful for the nicer running weather (I think Sasha is too!) and the time I do get to spend outside.

Things are really busy at work right now, so I am operating on minimal sleep and additional coffee...ever feel like you are constantly crossing things off your to-do list and yet somehow it keeps growing? How does that happen? I am really having to focus and take things one minute at a time. Even writing this blog post is not technically on the to-do list and is therefore putting me farther behind. But I needed a break for just a minute where I wasn't thinking about conference calls, quarterly reports, claim research, annual meetings, etc.

I am very grateful for my job. Part of the exercise of writing this blog post is to remind myself of this. Don't get me wrong- I would much rather be busy than twiddling my thumbs at work. But in the midst of dealing with difficult clients and running on empty, it's way too easy for me to forget the blessings that the Lord has provided and to lose focus on the eternal plan that God has in all of it. While my job is difficult sometimes and I don't always enjoy the day-to-day tasks it involves, the reality is that God placed me in this job for a reason, and I don't want to waste the time He has me here. I don't want to become so busy with the work tasks that I forget the relationships and kingdom work that are on His heart- both in the office and outside of it. So that has been my prayer the last couple of weeks. Part of that begins with a change in my attitude toward my job. I confess that I have slipped into "discontent" mode (which is too quickly followed by "complaining" mode), and it's not honoring to the Lord. So I would appreciate prayer as I learn to focus on how the Lord can be honored in my role at work and how I can find joy in the midst of all circumstances.

Despite the fact I am constantly before the throne confessing my weakness before the Lord, He still finds ways to encourage and lift me up. Whether it be with the beautiful weather, a fun afternoon with Mike, an encouraging night with my sweet Bible study girls, or yummy pumpkin muffins from a sweet friend...I know I can lean on Him and He is going to carry me through. And in the process He's going to work a little on my heart, restore my spirit, and draw me closer to Him...


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  1. It's crazy how God's incredible provision can so quickly become the biggest complaint. So it was with the Israelites and the manna. And so it is with us today! Praying for renewal, refreshment, and a reminder of God's desire for you (and your co-workers!) at work. I really appreciate your honesty in your posts, Erin!