Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My First Eagle U Program

I just had one of the most amazing weeks I have had in a really long time! It was my first Eagle U program, and it was awesome! To finally experience it for myself...I can't even put it in words. It was all that everyone had said it would be and more (that sounds like a cheezy hallmark card, but you'll get over it). I cannot express how grateful I am to be a part of something so amazing. Eagle U changes lives, it helps students discover their dreams, it gives them the tools they need to achieve those dreams...and I get to be a part of that! To see the realization, the inspiration, and that transformation on the students' faces is indescribable. How did I get so lucky to be at this place at this time? Of course, luck had nothing to do with it...

I didn't need it, but I received so much more confirmation that this is where I am supposed to be. This is what I waited so long for. This is why I endured the silence and the loneliness. After this week, I can honestly say that the wait was more than worth it. My boss gave me a bigger picture of the circumstances surrounding me coming to Eagle U. They had actually hired another girl before me. For varying reasons, she called back having to retract her acceptance, so they were left again with the position opening. They told me they had been talking in the office on October 22nd, wondering what they were going to do when my resume appeared in their inbox. Kind of makes you get chills, doesn't it? God worked out all of the details and coreographed all the specifics to bring me to Eagle U. He brought me to the perfect job- the one He had been planning for me all along. He orchestrated the perfect timing.

There is no doubt in my mind that this was the plan He had for me from the very beginning. I had to endure a long journey...but that journey had a purpose. And God never forgot me along the way. Given the difficult summer I had, I can appreciate it all that much more. Because I know what it took to get to this place. I know what the darkness and the valley feel like. But I now I also know what the mountaintop feels like too!

I feel as though I am at Eagle U at this particular time in my life and it's history for a purpose. I am not sure what, but I feel like He is going to do awesome things during the season that He has me here. I am excited to be a part of that plan, whatever it may be.

This week...I cannot put it in words. I found myself laughing, crying, happy for the first time in a long time. I had forgotten what it was like to be joyful. This week I was overflowing with His joy just thinking on all that He has done for me. I received confirmation this week that He does have good things planned for me. This job is so much more than I could have ever planned for myself- more than I would have dared to even ask for. The fact that I love every aspect of my job is a unique blessing. I get to do the crazy Erin-lists and organization that I oddly love. I get to interact with students in a way that affects their lives. My CL training was for a purpose- He was preparing me even then. My job is fulfilling in so many ways. At this point, I can't ever see myself leaving Eagle U...haha. But I don't know what His plans are. I am, however, committing to enjoy this season of my life for as long as He keeps me here. And I really am starting to pray about opportunities to minister to these students spiritually. I know God will provide those opportunities as long as I just ask. God is so good!

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