Thursday, July 27, 2006

God Has Been Faithful

I can hardly believe that the summer is almost over. I survived the summer in Waco! This summer actually turned out to be the best summer I could have had...aside from maybe a tour across Europe or a Caribbean cruise, of course. Haha. But seriously, God knew exactly what I needed this summer, even if I didn't. He gave me exactly what I needed this summer, even if it was not what I originally had wanted.
This was definitely not the summer I would have personally planned for myself. And yet, it is the summer that I would not trade for anything else. Don't get me wrong, nothing completely spectacular has happened, and there are no major changes to report. But God has been sweetly whispering to me His promises of love, peace, grace, hope, and joy. I still don't know what my plans are for this year or after graduation. And it is still hard to face, especially when more people now more than ever are asking the infamous questions: "What year are you? Oh, you're a senior! So what are your plans for after graduation? Do you have a job lined up yet?" If people only knew what a loaded question that was. If they only knew how much pain, tears, stretching, disciplining, seeking, praying went into that question. But God has provided the grace to face it, and He will continue to provide that same grace over the next 10 months. I am still single. Big shocker there. I am now wondering if I can set the record for oldest person to have never dated anybody. Haha. But on a cheezy Christian (but totally appropriate and applicable) note, God has been romancing me all summer and I think I am completely in love...
I have received tiny blessings from God all summer. And the growth part has been me learning how to recognize them. Because in the craziness of my last three years of college, I had somehow forgotten how to. And yet they have abounded- sweet kisses from my Savior. From meeting, ministering to, and being ministered to by residents, to the excitement of engagements, to becoming a bridesmaid...God has been faithful. From driving to MCC everyday, to living in North Village for free, to God providing just enough money for my bills...God has been faithful. From the ever heavenly Bush's tea, to dinners and 3 hour conversations in Shannon's car, to reading a book for fun...God has been faithful. From the the challenges of immature residents, to the frustration of financial aid, to listening to cheezy elevator music that the electricity company plays while I am on hold for an hour...God has been faithful. From feeling completely alone, to wishing I could just have 5 minutes to myself...God has been faithful. From shredding papers in the dean's office, to answering strange questions from freshmen parents...God has been faithful. From awkward freshmen boys to singing Shakira in Spanish class...God has been faithful. From 105 degree days (and 95 degree nights), to the beautiful sunshine, to going to the drive-in movie in Gatesville and being able to see the stars...God has been faithful!
I am glad to say that I am not the same person I was at the beginning of this summer. I haven't undergone any major personality changes- don't worry. I am still as unique and quirky as ever. But God has done construction work on my heart. A little humbling here, a little stretching there, a lot of repairing everywhere. Oh, I still have a long  way to go- I wish I were completely fixed, but that will take a lifetime...but I have taken a few steps closer to the heart of my Savior, and it took me being in Waco by myself to do it. And for that I am extremely grateful.
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